3MP/5MP 4G SIM Card slot 360 8W Solar Camera PTZ Outdoor PIR Detection Night Vision CCTV battery powered Security WIFI IP Camera


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The camera has 2 version-WIFI version & 4G version

*If you want to use the camera to connect to the WIFI signal, please select the WIFI camera option.
*If you want to connect 3G/4G (sim card) with the camera, please select the 4G camera optins.



Most Popular Solar Cameras in Saudi Arabia

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Q: Is this security camera has optical zoom ?
A: No. the camera has 4X digital zoom.
Q: If no sun how its work ?
A: Daylight should be enough to to help it charge, just make sure it's not in an area that doesn't get any sun at all.
Q: Does this camera ship with Battery?
A: yes,camera include 6pcs 18650 batteries.
Q: why can not let blue-light on? 4G version
A: Please contact our seller to see if all steps correct or check the APN upgrade


How to set 4g camera online?

1. After instering battery correctly in solar panel, please charge the solar panel 8 hours.
2. The 4G sim card should have traffic data.
3. How to insert sim card? Power off the solar camera, insert the 4g sim card, power on the ip camera then reset the security camera.
then wait 1~3 mins, let camera search the 4g sim card data, then the camera would show blue led always on.
(if red light on or blue and red light flashing, please check your sim card data. )

Two colors

We can provide 2 colors, latest arrival white version camera. If you need to know more about the white camera, please click the picture.

3MP/5MP Option

We offer two options, you can choose freely

(please note:5MP camers,our camera uses a 5MP lens, the camera chip will compress the video to 4MP and send it to the camera APP.video size is 2560*1440)


4G version:

*There are 2 different versions of the surveillance camera, one is 4G sim card version, can only support 4G sim card connection


WIfi version:

*if choose WiFi camera version, the video surveillance can only connect with WiFi, can not use 4G sim card connection.
*The WiFi antenna modules of this wireless security camera offers a more stable network connection and wider range.


8W Solar Panel

*Provide 8W solar panel,When the security camera connected to 8W solar panel to work, the battery can last 180 days, also works even without sunlight
*The solar panel can provide non-stop power for the outdoor camera.


Glass Solar Panel

We use Robust glass solar panels,not Cheap Plastic.


Battery Power(No need to buy additional batteries)

*The security camera can use 6pcs18650 battery.we will provide 6pcs original 18650 batteries.No need to buy additional batteries
*The battery standby time depends on the frequency of motion detection. The less frequency, the longer battery power standby time.
*Removable battery box for easy battery replacement


Battery Box Design

*Many cameras have built-in batteries, but if the battery needs to be replaced, it is hard to replace the Battery,and it is hard to get the same battery.
*Our camera uses battery box design,Easy and Convenient to install and replace batteries.


365 days of continuous work

*The camera is equipped with a battery box that can install 6 18650 batteries.
*During the day, 8W solar panels charge the battery.
*At night, the battery provides power to the camera.
*You can also charge by USB cable


All Around View PTZ IP Camera

*Remote control the camera, support 355° view angle, you can monitor anywhere and any details you want.


Support motion detection

*Support motion detection, when someone come around your home, the security camera will detect
and send a notification message to your mobile.
*Auto sleep,wake up,metion detection,APP Alert,Auto Record


Remote Alarm Notification

*support Message Notification
*support Call Notification


Support View Real-Time video

*you can View Real-Time video on the app.


Two-Way Audio & Audio Record

*This IP camera with built-in enhanced microphone and speaker, you can warn off thieves, screen visitors at your door or communicate directly with your family or friends.
*Give you peace of mind and 24-hour security protection. Protecting your family and property from harm just by your phone app.


Remote Access

*Even if you are out of your home,through the camera,you can talk to the delivery man,how to deal with your package.


Support View alarm recording video

*you can View alarm recording video on the app.


Support 4X Digital Zoom

Support 4X Digital Zoom


Color Night Vision

*Equipped with 6pcs IR-Cut led lights, up to 30 meters night vision distance, so that you can get high quality video even at night.
*The smart IR-Cut filter switches automatically between day and night.


Multiple users support

1.Camera support Multiple users view,you can though APP share camera to your friend,family,and so on
2.support Many users watch a camera at the same time.
3.Support all Android/IOS phone/tablets.


Camera APP

*You can download Ubox APP in Google Play and Apple APP Store


Support 128GB TF card and Cloud Storage

*Free 30-day Cloud Storage and max 128GB TF card record,date security is more stable.
*if you want to keep using Cloud Service,you just need to pay for it,if you don't need to use,it will stop
it automatically when you don't pay for the fee.


IP65 Waterproof

*The 4g solar camera works great in harsh weather
*Just put outside, no need to worry about the raining day, Snowing day,work as normal!


Working Temperature

*Temperature: -30-60℃,Desert of Saudi Arabia, Siberia of Russia also can work.


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