Smart Home Tuya Remote Thumb Lock Double Fingerprint Easy Install AA Alkaline Battery Power Suit for Door Thickness 30-78mm


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1. Waterproof mask

2. Waterproof silicone pad

3. The Motherboard inside with waterproof coating processing.

4. Battery compartment with rubber sleeve.

5.IF your door are in the rain, For extend lock service life, we recommend you buy the Rain cover.

Product Introduction

Unlock way: Tuya App, Fingerprint, card, code and key
Fingeprint capacity: 100pcs
Password capacity: No limit
Smart Card capacity:100pcs
Battery size: 4pcs AAA 1.5V Or DC 12V Input
Support Scramble Code
Work Temperature: -25 to 60Centigrade
Fingerprint Type: Semiconductor embedded fingerprint
Button Type: Capacitive touch button
Can be compatible with building system of entrance guard system, etc

Long life (more than 2,500 times in and out) , high sensitivity about ON/OFF, low power consumption

Can be installed on theleft door, right door, interior door, outside the door and other doors

Automatically detects the door status, automatic processing to open close the door

Suit for door thickess is 30-78mm

Tuya APP introduction

Keyless Entry:Smart locks offer convenient keyless entry to your home, whether by mobile phone, fingerprint, card, face, finger vein, or password.

Scene Linkage:Want to be welcomed by a warm and cozy home when you open the door? The solution supports scene linkage triggered by the door opening. Home members can personalize their scene linkage to have an exclusive homecoming experience.

Voice Scenes: What if you have a visitor while you're busy in the kitchen? The solution can help you integrate with third-party voice assistants like Alexa to make life simple and convenient.

Periodic Password:Visitors have reoccurring scheduled access times. For example, they are invited every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Ideal for short to medium term visitors such as babysitters, house cleaners, and others. 

One-time Password:A one-time password is valid for only one access operation. Create a unique temporary password for entering visitors, friends, and service people.

No need Gateway to Connect WIFI, Only 3 Step to Connect with Your Home WIFI.

Additional information


Rain Cover, Standard Function, Remote Conterol, Tuya


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