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  • Power: 100 W (peak power)

  • Sound pressure: 110 dB

  • Frequency: 50 Hz – 20 kHz

  • Bluetooth version: 5.0

  • Speakers: 2 inches * 4, 4 inches * 1 (subwoofer)

  • Soundbar size: 80.6 * 6.3 * 6cm

  • Subwoofer size: 14 * 12.4 * 30 cm

  • Balance mode: music, movie, bass +, news, game

  • Connection: bluetooth, fiber optic, AUX, USB, TF card

If you've been finding a soundbar to get more audio details and deep bass sound in action movies, or feels difficult to understand a show or movie's dialogue, this one can be your perfect choice

  • A full-filling surround 100W Powerful Sound, ultri slim, perfect suit foryour small/medium-sized living room, lounge area, guest rooms, bedroom, garage, kids play room, office, even your gaming room.

  • With 4 full-range speakers built in, voice enhanced and multi EQ modes preset, you can feel the immersive sound of big action movies or the detail needed for dialogue-heavy scenes you like.

  • Plus a wired subwoofer, much stable connected than those wireless woofer device, you can try placing the sub in an optimal position, to get an extremely deep bass sound, and to feel the fun of explosion.


100W sound bar with 4 tweeters (other cheaper sound bars only have 2). Compared with normal 2.0 sound bar, this 2.1 sound bar or 2.1 sound bar with built-in subwoofer separates the bass from a separate subwoofer.


The 4 inch wired subwoofer can output 50Hz subwoofer frequency stably. It perfectly compensates for the lack of bass found in conventional 2.0 soundbars and lets you hear explosions and rock sounds clearly.

Today's TV has ultra-slim profiles, they don't have the enclosure space necessary to allow drivers to give you the big, punchy sound.

  • ULTIMEA 2.1 Channel soundbar for TV with a wired subwoofer.

  • Gives you 100W powerful, clear audio with rich bass and 3D virtual surround sound.

  • With the 4 full-range speakers built in the soundbar, you can feel the immersive sound of big action movies or the detail needed for dialogue-heavy scenes.

What size soundbar perfect for your TV/Room? Here is one for your reference:

  • For Small/Medium room(170sqft-430sqft)

  • Soundbar size- 33'', very suit for the 32-43'' TV size


This soundbar has 5 modes: Game, Bass, Movie, Music and News. In Game and Bass mode, the bass is boosted. The selected sound mode is clearly shown on the LED display.

Fine tune your sound bar with 5 distinct equalizer modes (Game, Bass, Music, Movie, News ) via the included remote control. Pre-set sound selections to suit the circumstances to hear and feel every instrument, dialogue, explosion, and detail with clear and ear-pleasing loudness.

5 Audio Equalization! What advantages does it bring you?

  • News mode : Voice Clear Improved when watching news.

  • The game mode : extremely addictive experience with shots, sonic explosions.

  • The music mode : with smooth and clear music sound, low noise sound.

  • The movie mode : create a real 3D sound effect in your movie night.

  • Booming Bass Enhancement: Bass boost allows you to get the sound quality you like, listen and swing together right now ~

Stable Connection

Just pair your smartphone/tablet/PC and you can listen to your favorite music, podcast or iTunes with the push of a button.

Multiple Connections

Supports optical, AUX and USB flash drive input.Compatible with TVs, Playstation, projectors, Blu-ray players, amplifiers and much more.

A high qualityoptical cable(5ft) and anRCAto 3.5mm cable (5ft) are included.

Note: Please make sure your TV's audio setting to PCM for optical mode before use.

Powerful Sound

The soundbar features four separate speakers and a powerful subwoofer that fill the room with incredibly clear, rich and round sound.Enjoy impressive sound in your home.

LED indicators

There is an LED indicator that shows the modes and volume level from 1 to 32. You can also turn off the LED so that your vision is not disturbed at night.


Support Bluetooth / Optical / AUX / TF Card / USB, it is compatible with TV, mobile phone, laptop, Fire Stick, DVD player and so on. You can pair any Bluetooth-enabled device to wirelessly listen to your favorite apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Prime Music.


Can be divided into two parts. It is not recommended to use it after splitting, and there is no sound in a part. But the soundbar can be packed separately, making it more stable and easy to store during transportation.

How do I install the soundbar?

1) Orientation of the left and right components of the sound bar

Align the straight edge of the concave lip on the right component of the soundbar (as shown in 1) and the straight edge of the convex lip on the left component (as shown in 2) as shown in 3.

2) Press and hold the left and right components, the right component stays still, and the left component rotates counterclockwise until the speaker arrays of the left and right components are aligned.

You can split the soundbar into two main bars when not in use to save valuable space.


  • This soundbar, can not be used separately as two bars.

  • or if you want to take it apart to work, you can use a mini cable (package included) to connect these two bars together and it works.

Package include:

  • ULTIMEA Soundbar * 1

  • ULTIMEA Subwoofer * 1

  • Short cable between two parts * 1

  • AC adapter * 1

  • 3.5mm AUX to RCA cable * 1

  • Optical cable * 1

  • Remote control * 1

  • Instruction manual * 1

  • Wall mount kit * 2

Using tips:

  1. Change the "(SPDIF/Opt)" output mode of your TV correctly.

  2. The "Digital Output" setting must be set to "PCM" (default setting is "Auto"), any other setting will result in silence.

  3. Make sure the protective caps on your optical cable are removed before connecting.

  4. This model of sound bars does not support Dolby Sound and DTS, please change the supported audio formats, to make it work.

  5. For better sound quality, it is recommended to use with a 32''-43'' size TV (optimal space required: 15-40㎡).

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