ULTIMEA Soundbar for tv, 2.2ch bluetooth speaker, 2 in 1 Separable Speakers Design, Built-in 2 Tweeters and Woofers



2.2 Channels In One Detachable Design Soundbar

Small, Easy Changes for Big, Meaningful Improvements

Your TV craves an audio upgrade to get cinematic experience! Why not spend a little to get Apollo S40 soundbar and make a big impact?

  • 2.2 Channel Soundbar

  • 4 Separate Speakers—With dual woofers and two tweeters

  • Detachable Design—Free up space and enhance sound field

  • Seamless Connectivity—ARC, Optical, AUX, USB, Bluetooth

  • Setup, Simplified—CEC Control Option Available, ARC Cable included

  • Liberty Combination—Desktop, Wall Mount, L/R Desktop, L/R Wall mount

Liberty Combinations

Detachable, multi-mountable ways and portableAll-in-Onesoundbarfor any combination with TV / PC / Computer / Laptop to suit changing needs and environments.

Well Tuned Speakers for Crisper Sound

With separate dual woofers and two tweeterswork together to the deliver clear, wide-ranging sound throughout your room.

  • Treblewill increase the ability to make voices, dialogue more intelligible.

  • Bass will add fullness and increase the sense of presence in films (music, explosions etc).

Space-saving, 2 in 1, Detachable Design

The initial state in the box: 2 separated speaker shells.

  • Option 1Two Tower Speakers:Connect both speakers shells with a base from inside the box.

  • Option 2A Soundbar: Connect the 2 speaker shells together without using a base.

Note: Total 4 speakers inside the 2 speaker shells.

Refined to the Finest Detail – 7° Tilt

The inventive 7° tilt angle reduces the reflection of soundwaves off any supporting structure and redirected them directly into your ears, allowing for direct immersion access.

A Welcome Upgrade for Movie Night

Bluetooth 5.0s faster speed and 15m coverage, you can stream your favorite music wirelessly in the apartment/condo/home gym/bedroom.


Hear How Sound Should Sound

We spent a lot of time fine tuning the sound. Strengthening the lower frequencies allowed us to reach higher volumes with more clarity, while maintaining the integrity of the highs and mids and minimizing distortion at all levels.

Tailor Your Home Theater Experience

  • Movie Mode—You get a truly cinematic feel with intense movie scores and other action-focused scenes.

  • Music Mode—For even clearer lyrics when characters whisper or the music swells.

  • News Mode—Brings enhanced voice sound extremely.

  • Night Mode—Reduce the intensity of loud sounds and increase the level of the quieter sounds so you can watch and listen without disturbing others.


  • Default Mode: News+Dynamic (You can keep the volume you had last time).

  • Press and hold the "News/Night" button for 3 seconds to switch the News Mode to Night Mode, and press it again briefly for 1 second to switch the night mode to news mode.

Assembly and Detachable of Soundbar


  • Recommended for mid-sized rooms 160 – 320 ft², suitable for bedrooms, garages, small living rooms, kitchens, etc.

  • Recommended for 40"-55"TV size, or desktop, wall mounted.

Warm Tips:

  • Whether you use it as a single sound bar or as two tower speakers, please remember to connect the shells with a stereo RCA to RCA audio cable.

  • Recommend connection:ARC>OPT>BT>AUX >USB Before initial use, remove the caps from both ends of the optical cable.

  • ARC supports TVs with eARC/ARC ports, please check your TV has an eARC/ARC port [ HDMI port with an “ARC”/“eARC” label on your TV, it's usually separate from the other HDMI ports ]If not, please find Optical/Aux port on your TV, use cable to connect TV and soundbar.

  • For optical / ARC connections, general Steps:TV Settings > Home > Settings> Sound > Digital Audio Output > PCM.

  • Change connection mode: Press"SOURCE" button to change ARC/BT/Optical/Aux/USB mode. SOURCE: Soundbar Output.

  • This model does not support Dolby and DTS.

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